Long Legged Creatures


Long Legged Creatures are a 4-piece dance outfit that place themselves on a spectrum between post-rock and UK garage. Their unique blend of ever-twisting live electronica has shaped the band’s live set into a kind of hybrid between a groove laden DJ set and a hardcore punk gig. With some heavy hitting shows under their belt, playing alongside the likes of Necktr, Noya Rao, Slow Loris and Yussef Dayes, at venues such as Hyde Park Book Club, Belgrave Music Hall and Brudenell Social Club, Creatures’ knack for getting it started has earned them ‘not-to- be-missed’ status in Leeds’ fruitful DIY scene.

"The impact was immediate, and with heavy grooves, infectious melodies and enough drum flair to make the most avant-garde musician proud, the relatively new band impressed the crowd with a performance of pure creative dexterity." - Leeds Living.