Leeds Music Heritage

 Leeds has an amazing, but often uncelebrated music history

As part of our ambition to raise the awareness of Leeds as a Music City, we wish to promote the awesome bands and musicians that came before.

In the meantime, here are some links to find out more about Leeds Music Heritage:

Leeds Music Past & Present Facebook Group
”This group celebrates all the great music that has been created in Leeds and continues to be created in this wonderful city. It also celebrates the fantastic venues and iconic concerts that Leeds has hosted and continues to host. If you want to celebrate the vibrancy of Leeds' current music scene and it's rich musical heritage, come and join us”

Leeds Music History Project
An exhibition in 2011 at Leeds Town Hall, repeated in 2016 at Kirkgate Market showcasing a collection of memorabilia, posters and records from the Leeds music scene over the last 40 years

One Foot in the Rave Exhibition: A celebration of Leeds’ Clubs 1985 – 1996
ne Foot in the Rave was a celebration of those who launched and ran clubs; the visionaries, the DJs who created the soundtracks to our lives and the people who came, danced and made friends – and would never be the same again - as presented at Leeds International Festival 2018.

The City Talking - Music in Leeds
A trilogy of films that follows threads of noise and attitude to reveal stories from Leeds' music history.