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LeeSun is a singer songwriter producer who lives and works in Leeds where she has been recording since 2014. Following the great tradition of singer songwriters, LeeSun's songs are rooted in personal experience. These songs tell age-old stories of heartbreak, struggle, and finding a path to peace. Her upcoming single, "All I Got To Do", out next month (August) is mainly baby babble. This is a fairly accurate reflection of LeeSun's life these days. She says, "One thing I didn't know about having a baby until after I'd had one is that it turns your brain to mush. But fear not, one does recover one's faculties once the sleep deprivation has passed. I mean, after a few years."

She released her first album, "Prime", in 2010. It was recorded in the basement of a friend's house in Calgary in two weeks with musicians she had never played with before. Her second album, "Singing You This Song", was released in October 2018. LeeSun's songs continue to receive steadily increasing airplay and praise from radio shows and critics worldwide. LeeSun's music has had strong support from Alan Raw on BBC Radio Leeds and Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music, with many songs from her recent album receiving airplay on both stations.

She has recently signed with Pam Lewis-Rudden at the Plutonic Group, an agency specialising in placing music on film and TV.