Melanie Ó Dubhshláine

In a fifteen-year musical career, Melanie Ó Dubhshláine has performed and composed music based in the noise, electronic, experimental and psychedelic rock genres.

Her solo work takes the form of two projects. Ocelocelot is concerned with using vibrations and waveforms from found sound to create undulating soundscapes, whilst Melanie Ó Dubhshláine focuses more on electronic composition. Her background in visual arts leads her to introduce visual elements into her performances. An overriding theme of her work is using unusual instrumentation to extend human expressive capabilities and give voice to previously unheard sounds.

As a member of Ashtray Navigations with Phil Todd, she has performed at All Tomorrow's Parties, Supernormal Festival, Tusk Festival, Swn Festival in Cardiff as well as shows in the UK, Europe and USA. Ashtray Navigations have curated multimedia events at Leeds International Film Festival and Glasgow International Arts Festival.

She has collaborated with other artists including Neil Campbell, Damo Suzuki, Bridget Hayden, Uton, John Moloney (Sunburned Hand of the Man) and MV & EE.

Will Killen


Will Killen has captivated millions with his self produced debut EP Write You Out. Folk tones underpin the heartfelt lyrical content of Will's personal life, leaving no stone unturned; a process he describes as both "torture and therapy." Throughout 2018, Killen has quietly captured the heart of England, playing and handful of intimate shows across the UK, sharing his songs of love, loss, and mental health.

Music:Leeds supported Will Killen performing at Long Division, Wakefield - Saturday 1st June 2019



Tall Talker


"Tall Talker are an instrumental experimental rock band sometimes labelled “math” or “prog”. Fusing influences of jazz and funk to create a unique blend of groove driven melodic complexity while remaining accessible and danceable. The band formed in 2014 but only just released their first EP preferring to hone their live sound supporting bands such as TTNG, And So I Watch You From Afar and Three Trapped Tigers. BBC6 Radio's Tom Robinson commented 'you couldn't fit a rizla paper between them' when describing the bands tight complex sound.

Music:Leeds supported Tall Talker performing at Live At Leeds - Saturday 4th May 2019.



Sunflower Thieves


After sixteen years of friendship, Leeds-based pop-folk band Sunflower Thieves area strong "soulful sisterhood" (Left Lion 2018) nurturing a unique sound. Each track is hugely personal to the songwriters, combining rich harmonies and honest lyrics to sooth the mind, hence the intimate atmosphere and sincere performance you experience in watching them."Beautiful...just beautiful"-Dean Jackson [DJ], BBC Introducing East Mids.



Sinead Campbell


Sinead Campbell, the singer-songwriter from Bradford has taken on multiple stages, including: Live at Leeds Festival, Theatre Deli Sheffield and Leeds International Food and Drink Festival to name a few!" Sinead is an artist to watch out for. She is full of energy and her voice will make you melt" Verse Matters: Sheffield. Sinead’s live performances keep you watching as she brings her vision to life with flare, movement and energy.After deepening her spiritual path, she truly has her heart set on celebrating femininity.2019 will anticipate the release of her EP Ascension PT 1.Her new material sees her developing with influences from Massive Attack, M83 and Daft Punk within the instrumentation as Sinead is a true 90's child after all!After a string of successful gigs, radio show performances and a body of video releases the support from fans and local media has spurred Sinead on.She encompasses a sound with strong pop sensibility, melancholy and an injection of 'soul', carving her own route as an independent artist with authenticity. To kick of the year she released some acoustic tracks after the success of her unplugged shows.Her live performances have been described as energetic and powerful: taking her audience into a realm of magic. They are intimate and intricate with nuances that reflect her mindful nature.



Rob Chew


Rob Chew is a Leeds born singer songwriter, playing uplifting pop. Previously performed with Leeds bands Kleine Schweine, International Trust, Rivers, Micky P Kerr & The Dudes, as well as 100's of solo gigs. Rob's solo project is a salute towards his love of 80's and 90's pop music, big choruses and party vibes. Debut single 'Heartbeat' and follow up single 'Oh Yeah, Baby' were released in the second half of 2018, with a new single coming Summer 2019. All will feature on the debut album, due for release Spring 2020.




Evolving acid bass and meticulously programmed drums are two main features of Leeds based Acid Techno/IDM producer, 'moi_6',but beneath that is a hidden layer of beauty, pushing what technology both old and new can do to create some of the weirdest music heard to date."You need to get past the ‘well this guy clearly knows his way round a sequencer and a drum machine’ and just think of this as music, and although you could dance to this, to think of it as music that you can actually sit and listen to as well."
- Local Sound Focus, 2019





MOEGLI is quickly gaining a reputation among his peers as one of the most technically adept producers in the game right now. His filthy suede lined productions range from wonky Hip-hop, dirt tinged bass lines to emotionally charged future garage cuts transcending the normal boundaries producers set on themselves to create an identifiable and unique sound. Performed alongside some of electronic music's modern staples such as Brainfeeder's Lapalux & Teebs, expect a constant flow of funky rhythms, groove and bass; lots of bass.