What Musicians Want - Building An Audience

Mon 28th Jan / Mon 11th Feb / Mon 25th Feb - Oporto, LS1

Come Play With Me + Music:Leeds have combined to present 3 evenings of help & support in building your audience.

What is an ‘Engaged/Active’ audience?
Why is it important?
How important is a few thousand Facebook likes?

With the world of social media becoming the main outlet for a lot of artists, we want to look how to build a 'genuine' audience & use different tools in the best way possible to maximise what you are doing.

Event 1: Offline - Monday 28th January

This event will look at engaging an audience in person & how to share your music with a wider audience offline.

Event 2: Online - monday 11th February

This event will look at engaging your online audience in the best way you can, using social sites to the best of your ability & thinking about how to stay active.

Event 3: Press/Influencers - monday 25th February

This event will look at making relationships with writers & influencers who will share your releases with music fans & in the process opening them up to your work.

All events are free to attend but tickets are required due to capacity limits.