In November 2017 we hosted an event at Leeds Town Hall aimed at bringing people together from all aspects of music in Leeds, and were very proud to bring together over 150 people from over 100 organisations to be addressed by the Chief Executive and Leader of Leeds City Council as well as a number of people working to improve music scenes and businesses across Europe. 

Watch our video from 2017 here
Read more about the 2017 Town Hall event here

That event has led to the establishment of Music:Leeds as an organisation that will act as a single, centralised point of contact that will coordinate activity to support, promote, develop and grow music-based activity within the city across any level, medium, genre or pathway.

We want to establish the City Music Forum as an annual event, and an opportunity for all stakeholders in music in Leeds to have their say, and feedback on important issues that impact the role and profile of music in the city. 

The Forum activity enables Music:Leeds to develop a consensus on issues and identify the strongest opportunities for development, acting as a single voice for the sector as well as facilitating continual development of a Music strategy for the city and its priorities.